January Blues? It's Okay to be a Hedgehog!

In fact, it kinda helps!

It’s all quite crap right now, isn’t it? I mean, let’s just be honest about it and call a spade a spade.

If you’re in the UK, then you’re pretty much under house arrest. It’s dark, it’s wet, it’s cold – and no-one wants to book their Summer Holiday until they get their “jab”. Christmas has left us skint. It’s still a week until pay day. You’ve given up trying to make Tommy sit down and do his Math and now he’s currently ‘colouring in’ the living room wallpaper, and we’ve all already “cheated” on our diets – right?

I get you hun. Trust me.

Life is less like a box of chocolates and more like a massive pair of underpants! Talk about 'Blue Monday'!

What’s more, your Inbox has been overwhelmed with people telling you to get your shit together...

Loose weight, get fit, save money, spend money, stay at home, go out for walks, eat weird things, drink green mush, set your goals…make 'it' happen.

Truth is though, you’re alternating between wanting to curl up under a quilt on the couch and binge watch Netflix with a big bar of chocolate, and wanting to post your daily steps on your socials because all your friends are (but the last time you checked it was already 3pm and you’ve been to the bathroom twice so you’re currently only on 500).

If the above sounds accurate – breathe beautiful.

It’s not just you. And it’s totally okay that you’re feeling this way. Pssst. I am too!

But our WishCraft tribe don’t do ‘Blue Mondays’. Our Mondays are fucking magickal! Period.

So, let’s make a few mid-January mindset tweaks together. Here’s what I’ve been doing to cope with Completely Crappy January and make my Mondays (and my every days) a bit more magickal. Whether you consider yourself to be a Witch or not, I hope these hints will help you to do the same...

  • Being gentle with myself. It’s okay if I didn’t hit my step goal or I ate that piece (okay , whole bar!) of chocolate today. Tomorrow is a new day, and I get to try again.

  • Before technology took over the world, January wasn’t traditionally a time for #WickedWitches get out there and kick ass like a badass boss girl. It was time to hibernate. Like a hedgehog! Hedgehogs are using this time to rest, recuperate and prepare for the spring when life becomes a bit more awesome again. I’m using this time to plan my goals and what I want from the year ahead. The time to “crush” and “smash” those goals comes when the world begins to wake back up from its winter slumber. Your magick is much more powerful when you align with nature. It’s okay to be a hedgehog...in fact, it kinda helps!

  • Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude! Sometimes I just pause for a moment and count on my fingers the things I’m thankful for. It doesn’t matter whether you jot a bullet list or craft an 8-page journal entry. Counting my blessings boosts my mood and magnifies my magick - threefold! #InstantFeelgood

  • Practicing forgiveness. Forgiveness is a huge step towards healing – healing myself, healing my life and healing the world around me. I start with forgiving myself. I tell myself every day that I am a perfect work in progress. Then I forgive anything else that is draining my Inner Pool of Personal Power. Forgive 2020. Forgive Covid-19. Forgive the Government. Forgive Tommy for crayoning over the wallpaper. It will all come out in the wash!

  • January is time for me to pause, reflect, re-focus and take time now to sow the seeds of my success for the year ahead. It all starts with planning! Read the book you’ve been meaning to read. Fill out those goal setting worksheets. Plan dates in your diary for the year ahead and find things to look forward to and focus on.

  • I’ve been taking lots of warm bubble baths, listening to my favourite ‘positivity playlists’ and gathering my crystals around me.

Top Tip – pick a crystal to match your magickal mood and wear it in your bra!


Magick doesn’t always have to be about manifesting your ‘best life’ and marvelling at the Moon (though it does help).

Sometimes magick can be about tiny daily tweaks that may seem mundane on the surface but which are really super powerful and positive.

Try some of the tips above and pop me a tag on Insta with the hashtag #MagickMonday to let me know if they’re working for you, and share your top tips with the tribe too!

Sending you all the Warmest Wishes, Love and Light

Sakura Xx

P.S. Here are some of my favourite witchy books, planners, calendars, and almanacs to get your year off to the most magickal of starts!

I’m proud to be an Amazon Affiliate, and I may make a small commission if you shop through my links. I only recommend products, services, books and resources that I have tried and tested myself and that I genuinely believe you will love!

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